In Earth-1 & 1/4, The Amazon's of Thermasara held a tournament to determine who would be worthy of not only becoming Wonder Woman, but the ambassador of their home island and people. Priscilla Rich was informed from her future self that if she does not win the tournament and become Wonder Woman herself, she will become a deadly criminal by the name of Cheetah. She won the tournament and was magically sent by the The United States of America by Queen Hippolania instead of by Cheetah's time bracelet, but future Cheetah wasn't quite done yet. She convinced the Queens daughter Diana to leave for America herself and through the study of Science, Chemistry and Biologically, she could turn herself into an even better Super Heroine. Diana did just that, but wound up turing herself into Cheetah, and became the Priscilla Rich Wonder Woman's arch nemesis. As for the former future Cheetah, she and her home made time bracelet were eraced from existence together, and all knowledge of her existence became a forgotten memory. Priscilla Rich also became one of the founding members of The original Justice League of America, got married and had two twin teenage daughters and a son with the pilot who in the original timeline became Diana's boyfriend and then husband. Diana The Cheetah was last seen being banished to planet Thundara, becoming the newest member of the ThunderCats and Lion-O's wife and mother of his son and daughter Leo and Leeona.

Diana The Cheetah

500px-Priscilla Rich Super Friends 02

Priscilla Rich is the new and permanent Wonder Woman


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