Wonder Woman: Priscilla Rich
Patricia Rich

Birth Name:

Priscilla Rich


Late 20s


5ft 5in (I think)

Formally known as:


Now known as:

Wonder Woman (Insurgency)

First Appearance:

Challenge of The Super Friends (1975)

First Videogame appearance:

Injustice 2: Fallen God's


The Insurgency


The Regime, Cheetah (Barbra Minerva) and Bane


After The Regime Wonder Woman was sent to life in prison and the original Cheetah killed her in a fight by accident, the Amazons choosed her to become the new Wonder Woman and as a member of The Insurgency. She has learned from Batman that Killing is never the answer; thus, becoming a true hero.

500px-Priscilla Rich Super Friends 02

Priscilla Rich is the new and permanent Wonder Woman

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